Sumner County Libraries
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Library BOard

The Public Libraries of Sumner County provide a variety of materials and services to aid all persons in their recreational, educational, and informational pursuits. Special emphasis is placed on the provision of current, high-demand materials for all ages and on the provision of supplemental materials for elementary and secondary students.

Notice of Meetings
The Library Board meets every other month, alternating between library sites. 
All meetings are open to the public and interested individuals are encouraged to attend.

Date and Time


January 14, 2015     1:30 PM 

Hendersonville Public Library

March 11, 2015     1:30 PM

Westmoreland Public Library

May 13, 2015     1:30 PM 

Portland Public Library

July 8, 2015     1:30 PM

Gallatin Public Library

September 9, 2015     1:30 PM

Millersville Public Library

November 11, 2015     1:30 PM

Hendersonville Public Library

Library Board Members

Hendersonville -- Shelley Ames and Kenneth Cox
Gallatin  -- Johnny Bradley and Mary Anne Mudd
Portland -- Johnnie Freedle and Chairman Larry Hinton
Westmoreland -- Amy Eller
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